ostree v2015.2

(What happened to 2015.1?  It had a 32 bit compilation failure with the newer
 static deltas code)

Happy new year, and here's a new OSTree release!  First, you will need
a new libgsystem 2015.1 as well to run this:

The new ostree v2015.2 is here:

There are a few things here.  One of the most important is a critical
fix for SELinux label propagation on modified files in /etc.  Beyond
that, there was a large merge of static delta code, which is an ongoing
effort.  Please don't try to rely on it yet - we are continuing to investigate
Courgette.  For more information, please track https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=721799

Beyond that, there are some performance optimizations for commit,
command line improvements, and an API change necessary for rpm-ostree, so
it can use the same console progress.

Colin Walters (18):
      Static deltas support
      test-rollsum: Process all input, print more statistics
      repo: Minor cleanup: Move size generation code initialization
      core: Deduplicate code converting struct stat -> GFileInfo
      Enforce 'rdev' (device file major/minor) is 0
      Merge branch 'giuseppe/staticdeltas' of https://github.com/giuseppe/ostree
      Port to libgsystem errno API, hard depend on 2014.3
      deploy: Actually copy xattrs of modified config files
      deploy: Update to use latest libgsystem API
      repo: Improve ostree_repo_load_file() to use `*at()` for xattrs
      refs: Use G_IO_ERROR_NOT_FOUND when a ref lookup fails
      Use *at() functions for native filesystem commits
      Add internal ot_openat_read_stream() helper
      checkout: Add --fsync=false
      Bump libgsystem dependency
      Release 2015.1
      Two 32 bit compilation fixes
      Release 2015.2

Giuseppe Scrivano (3):
      Revert "ostree-repo-pull: Remove currently #if 0 static delta code"
      fix --help for static-delta
      Remove unused variable warning

Matthew Barnes (5):
      Add ostree_repo_remote_list()
      Add "ostree remote list" command
      doc: Update gtk-docs
      Add ostree_repo_pull_default_console_progress_changed()
      Require a PREFIX when deleting refs

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