Re: OSTree v2015.8

By the way, in the RPM spec file the ostree version is still 2013.7

On 27 August 2015 at 09:17, Leandro Santiago <leandrosansilva gmail com> wrote:
Thanks for the release! I liked specially the GPG stuff, which I am
using experimentally here.

One question: will this update be available in the centos
atomic-testing repo? (just for convenience, I could just compile it

On 26 August 2015 at 23:50, Colin Walters <walters verbum org> wrote:
Release v2015.8 of OSTree is now available via this git-evtag[1]
signed commit:

There are some important bugfixes in this release for users who do multiple `ostree_repo_pull()` inside a 
single process lifetime, which is necessary for use by daemons.

Yet more fixes continue to land for static deltas. I'm still not ready to declare them stable - it's 
clearly a case of the last 20% being 80% of the work. Something that's on my radar again is bsdiff; see

Beyond that there is some neat new work on a command line (and API) for inspecting remote repositories 
without downloading the content. For OS vendors which provide multiple branches, this should be quite 


$ git shortlog v2015.7..v2015.8
Colin Walters (12):
      tests/metalink: Add a case with nested unknown elements
      pull: Error if gpg=true and summary is 404, add more tests
      core: Fix inverted conditional in GPG checking
      pull: Also fix misplaced remote name handling
      tests: Check error messages instead of "expected-fail", handle old parallel
      pull: Avoid leaking signal handlers across fetch requests
      pull: Plug a memory leak
      README: Attempt to flesh out more, start moving docs from wiki
      sysroot: Add an unload() API
      pull: Stop using GMainLoop
      rollsum: Fix assertion for CRC matches
      Release 2015.8

Cosimo Cecchi (2):
      repo: fix an incorrect comment
      repo: don't forget to abort the transaction when failed

Dan Nicholson (6):
      tests: Link test-gpg-verify-result with gpgme
      tests: Use readdir64 when _FILE_OFFSET_BITS set
      tests: Use temporary gpg homedir
      Revert "tests: skip when not root"
      pull-local: Support --depth option
      tests: Build test-lzma with LZMA flags

Giuseppe Scrivano (19): fix typo
      tests/ remove empty newline
      pull: verify summary signatures also when not mirroring
      repo: new function ostree_repo_remote_get_gpg_verify_summary
      pull: fail if GPG is enabled and the summary is not signed
      tests: add test for check for remote add --set=gpg-verify-summary=true
      ostree_repo_remote_fetch_summary: honor gpg-verify-summary
      tests: do not commit from the working directory
      libostree: new API ostree_repo_remote_list_refs
      repo: merge repo_remote_fetch_summary_{metalink,url}
      repo: new function _ostree_preload_metadata_file
      pull: new option --commit-metadata-only
      static-delta: do not fail compilation with big files
      static-delta: add max-bsdiff-size option
      tests: add tests for --disable-bsdiff and --max-bsdiff-size
      tests: skip tests using gjs/parallel if they are not installed
      tests: add tests for LZMA compressor and decompressor
      tests: rename test-rollsum to test-rollsum-cli
      tests: Add tests for rollsum

Jasper St. Pierre (4):
      Update .gitignore
      Update .gitignore
      repo-pull: Add a queue for scanning
      Update .gitignore

Jeremy Cline (1):
      build: Make gtk-doc optional

John Hiesey (4):
      Fix tests on 32 bit systems
      Fix double free in ostree_repo_pull_with_options
      static-delta: Ignore symlinks when computing similar objects
      static-delta: assert on non-regular files

Matthew Barnes (19):
      gpg: Gracefully handle no trusted.gpg.d directory
      repo: Change GPG verification policy
      metalink: Fix behavior when requested file is not found
      diff: Fix adding CLI options twice
      repo: Add _ostree_repo_remote_new_fetcher()
      repo: Add _ostree_repo_get_remote_option_inherit()
      repo: Handle "file" remotes in ostree_repo_remote_get_gpg_verify()
      repo: Redo ostree_repo_remote_get_url()
      metalink: Allow NULL for "out" params in metalink requests
      metalink: Return requested file as a GBytes
      repo: Add ostree_repo_remote_fetch_summary()
      ostree: Add a "remote refs" command
      core: Add _ostree_get_default_sysroot_path()
      sysroot: Use _ostree_get_default_sysroot_path()
      repo: Add a "sysroot-path" property
      sysroot: Pass the internal repo a system root path
      repo: Fix location of remote configs for system repos
      main: Fix UID check based on sysroot path
      tests: Export OSTREE_SYSROOT in setup_os_repository

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