Re: Setting up /boot when it is not a separate partition

On Sun, Aug 16, 2015, at 01:17 PM, Fabian Deutsch wrote:

(See also [0] [1] [2])
2. can partially be addressed by kernel commandline arguments
(mpath.wwid=<wwid>) but they can be quite long, and sometimes you
might need to add more than one wwid.

I could certainly believe that multipath is painful today for some of
these, but OTOH it's quite a high cost to go to client-side initramfs
generation just for that.

I think this shows why it is important to drive the server-generated OS
model upstream into the distribution as far as possible, rather
than being an add-on.

A lot of what people do today with client-generated systems should
really be a lot easier to manage centrally, and I think the distributions
should encourage this.  (Not always using rpm-ostree; e.g. if you're in
AWS, the distribution tooling should document how to bake AWS images
correctly - including things like removing /var/lib/random-seed etc.)

This is easy to say of course, not being the person patching the multipath
code right now...

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