OSTree v2015.5

I'm trying to do more frequent releases now to match the desire
to do faster releases of Project Atomic.

Most notable in this release is that it fixes a bug that could be hit
on some notable web servers (e.g. Akamai) that broke OSTree's
internal HTTP caching.  See the commit message in
for more details.

Otherwise, mostly smaller fixes, along with a welcome merge of
work from Matthew to show a nice "you must be root" error if
you happen to try to do root-owned ostree bits as non-root.

$ git shortlog v2015.4..v2015.5
Colin Walters (6):
      main: Only verify SUPERUSER flag if using default sysroot
      dist-packaging: Don't delete 91-ostree.preset, do clean old rpms/sources
      tests: Verify that the pull error was from interruption
      pull: Handle remote web server not honoring range requests
      ostree_repo_checkout_tree_at: New API for checkouts
      Release 2015.5

Daniel Svensson (2):
      build: Use glibc's xattr support instead of requiring libattr
      tests: Missing linker flags for test-rollsum

Giuseppe Scrivano (6):
      bsdiff: change submodule location
      build: Drop libattr from the spec file
      tests/basic-test.sh: enable repo-noperm test only for non-root user
      src/ostree/ot-main.c: drop empty newline at end of file
      build: exclude .sig files from syntax-check
      tests: skip test-commit-sign.sh when not root

Matthew Barnes (8):
      Add ostree_repo_is_writable()
      Add ostree_ensure_repo_writable()
      Check repo permission prior to attempting to modify it
      tests: Add a test case for unwritable repos
      Add OstreeAdminBuiltinFlags for admin commands
      Include ostree-gpg-verify-result.h in ostree.h
      core: Actually allow none in ostree_parse_refspec()

Sam Thursfield (1):
      core: Fix possible crash in ostree_mutable_tree_walk()

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