ostree v2014.12

"Wait, what happened between v2014.8 and 12"?  Well...I had pressure to get a release out that had GRUB2 
support, and it was rushed and awkward.  Testing suffered because it was targeted for a patched Fedora 
Anaconda.  Some intermediate releases followed, but weren't quite worthy to mention.

Anyways now that work continues, so here's v2014.12:


There's a number of cleanups of things like command line arguments, various GRUB2 fixes (again mainly for 
Fedora), a rework of the pull code in preparation for picking up the static deltas: 

Worth highlighting here as well is James' work that taught OSTree to understands the concept of "version" as 
a metadata key on commits, and "ostree admin status" how to show it.  See also this commit to Continuous to 
generate it:

Also, this release *finally* makes it easy to recursively mirror an OSTree repository.  The client side was 
oriented for "depth=1", but now you can do:

ostree --repo=repo pull --depth=-1 --mirror someremote someos/x86_64/buildmaster

To create a copy of someos/x86_64/buildmaster locally.

$ git shortlog v2014.8..v2014.12
Colin Walters (16):
      Add "ostree remote delete" and corresponding API
      repo: When writing to a non-root owned repo, chown() objects to match
      tests: Add some versioning metadata and test it appears in status output
      Add (non-atomic) support for GRUB2 + UEFI
      Release 2014.9
      grub2: Fix bad substitution in review followup
      libostree: Add ostree_repo_pull_with_options()
      pull: Add depth support
      Release 2014.10
      Release 2014.11
      commit: Split out file processing into helper function
      admin-test: Fix two typos in bootloader UI change
      grub2: If using --sysroot, run in chroot
      trivial: Fix typo in previous commit
      tests: Fix u-boot test failure
      Release 2014.12

Giuseppe Scrivano (19):
      make ostree_cmd__private__ ret value const
      tests: fix --help test
      tests: test-admin-deploy-switch doesn't use deprecated "current" symlink
      fsck: report the correct error when a present file cannot be loaded
      corrupt-repo-ref.js: more aggressive file corruption
      checkout: permit checkout of a single file
      ostree-repo-pull: Fix inverted assert condition for maxdepth
      pull: Fix a used before initialization warning
      diff: Use gs_unref_object not gs_free on a GFile
      ostree-repo-pull: Remove currently #if 0 static delta code
      tests: fix intermittent failure for test-sysroot
      ostree_fetcher: new function _ostree_fetcher_contents_membuf_sync
      metalink: have a single entry to the metalink module
      ostree-fetcher: remove two unused functions
      ostree-fetcher: add max_size argument to change _ostree_metalink_request_sync
      ostree-metalink: use _ostree_fetcher_contents_membuf_sync
      ostree-fetcher: Remove _ostree_fetcher_request_uri_to_stream function
      ostree-fetcher: make _ostree_fetcher_stream_uri_sync private
      ostree-fetcher: move more logic into ostree_fetcher_request_uri_internal

James Antill (3):
      admin: Add ot_admin_checksum_version to get a dup of the version for a commit
      dump: Print the version when dumping a commit, log/show/etc.
      admin status: Print the version

Matthew Barnes (8):
      build: Include SELinux cflags with libostree build too
      libostree: Reformat bootloader titles
      build: Distribute grub2-15_ostree
      Fix GFile leak in ostree_repo_constructed()
      repo: Remove unused remote-cache dir
      syslinux: Adapt to bootloader UI changes
      Various manpage / usage blurb improvements
      Refactor command-line parsing

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