rpm-ostree demo


I'd like some early feedback from my current "rpm-ostree" demo.  See:

(That server is running in the Fedora OpenStack private cloud)

This git repo:


contains the current wrapper script to commit rpms to an OSTree repo.

Read the README.md carefully - there are several manual steps, like
disabling GPG verification and copying over the kernel arguments.  Also,
yes, you do need to do the "import blscfg" commands every time you boot
to get GRUB to load the config.

I tested all of this on a Fedora 20 minimal install VM, default storage
config (LVM).  You should also likely do this in a VM, but I believe
it's safe on bare metal.

There's lots on the TODO list, but if you make it to the end, hopefully
it demonstrates a few key things:

* You can install different bootable trees into /ostree with no risk to
  the OS in your physical /
* OSTree supports replicating and installing multiple trees - the demo
  shows switching between "fedora/20/minimal" and
   "fedora/20/standard-docker-io", but if you read

  you can see 6 trees - I could make that 12, or 20, or 60, or even
more.  For
  example, the refnames should probably include architecture (i686 vs
  i.e. fedora/20/minimal-x86_64 and fedora/20/minimal-i686
  which would already double the tree count.
* Switching between trees (whether upgrading or switching content
  is fully atomic
* The server is already capturing multiple package states in *history*
  for example, when Fedora updates the "kernel" package, all of the refs
  in the repo will get that update, but the old commits are still there.
  You could use this to bisect across Fedora updates.

Let me know if you try it, and how it goes!

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