ostree v2014.13

OSTree v2014.13 is tagged: https://git.gnome.org/browse/ostree/tag/?id=v2014.13

This release has an introduction of a new "bare-user" mode which is designed for some work Alex is doing on 
using OSTree as delivery vehicle for user apps, as opposed to the system mode.

You can "ostree init --repo=repo --mode=bare-user", do commits there.  Then using "ostree checkout -U" from 
that repo will use hardlinks.  A neat aspect of this though is that the repo still records system metadata - 
you can pull-local to/from the "bare" or "archive-z2".

The other major change is around handling of remotes.  There is a new API, which is flexible enough for what 
Anaconda needs ( https://lists.fedorahosted.org/pipermail/anaconda-patches/2014-December/015156.html ) to 
reduce the hacks there.  The command line is improved as well.

Alexander Larsson (8):
      checkout: fchown symlink to proper uid/gid
      union checkout: Fix symlink handling for xattrs
      Add ot_lgetxattrat and ot_lsetxattrat utils
      Support for "bare-user" repo format
      Split out basic tests from test-basic.sh
      Add test-basic-user.sh testing for bare-user repos
      Add local-pull archive-z2 <=> bare-user roundtrip test
      test-local-pull: Sort find output to make test robust

Colin Walters (10):
      docs: Fix a pile of Docbook validation errors
      README.md: Mention patches and test suite
      deploy: Ensure that we can deploy using only /usr/lib/ostree-boot
      README.md: Add a quick blurb on style
      trivial-httpd: use PR_SET_PDEATHSIG by default
      repo: (cleanup) Use _is_system() rather than inlining it
      Add more flexible _remote_change() API , expose via 'ostree remote'
      tests: Fix two bugs in tests revealed by new remote changes
      basic-test: Fixup mtime check for bare-user
      Release 2014.13

Kenjiro Nakayama (1):
      docs: Add verbose option to manual

Matthew Barnes (5):
      libotutil: Add ot_keyfile_copy_group()
      repo: Add an internal struct to manage remotes
      repo: Add ostree_repo_remote_get_url()
      repo: Add private functions to access remote options
      Improve "ostree remote" help output

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