ostree 2013.3

ostree 2013.3 is now available:


This release of ostree is notable for one major change:


It is an incompatible on-disk deployment format; previous versions of
ostree will not be able to usefully deploy new versions.  The
gnome-ostree build system now produces new-format trees.

As the commit message says, the primary benefit of this is that ostree
now knows how to upgrade kernels.

Colin Walters (53):
      waitablequeue: Only use API from GLib 2.34
      prune: Use g_format_size() so we get a human-readable number
      admin: Use linkcopy_sync_data() for initramfs instead of rename()
      pull-deploy: Tweak documentation to show using it for switching trees
      libgsystem: Update
      deploy: Swap current symlink only after updating the kernel
      libgsystem: Update to latest
      libotutil: Drop is-hidden from fast queryinfo
      repo: Fix race condition in async checkout
      checkout: Add --allow-noent option
      Install tests
      archive-test: Handle umask of 022 or 002
      Add a --version argument that also outputs features
      upgrade: Don't require specification of osname
      admin: Add -r option to upgrade to initiate a reboot if tree changes
      upgrade: Actually deploy upgraded tree again
      TODO: Update
      upgrade: Actually prune deployments again
      pull: Exit cleanly with an error on failure to fetch refs
      Fold ostree-pull into main binary
      Drop support for generating initramfs images client side using dracut
      ostree-prepare-root: New binary, used for systemd-in-initramfs setups
      ostree-prepare-root: Parse /proc/cmdline, make RPRIVATE, set up /sysroot
      ostree-prepare-root: Don't require an extraneous argument
      Add --with-dracut
      dracut: Also ensure we're using the systemd module
      dracut: Add ostree-remount
      pull-local: Fix race condition
      pull-local: Fix race condition pointed out by Benjamin
      core: Update libgsystem, port some uses of GFileEnumerator
      core: Port more callsites to gs_file_enumerator_iterate()
      prepare-root: Only bind mount /home, /tmp, /root if they are directories
      gioutils: Many new utility functions
      core: Add "refspec" which is remote:refname
      pull-local: Support --remote argument
      Extract prune logic into an internal API
      Add a bit more testing for prune
      Add "refs" builtin
      Add support for deleting refs
      pull: Make fetcher work for file:/// URIs too
      tests: Pull from file:/// only works with archive-z right now
      Add "trivial-httpd" builtin, use it in tests
      core: Allow '.' in refspecs too
      deploy: Error out if we see usr/etc
      [INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE] Implement new deployment model
      Switch to libgsystem local allocation macros
      admin: Split up the monstrous ot-admin-functions.c
      admin: Also delete unsed boot directories
      admin: Fix various compiler warnings
      Remove built in "triggers"
      Remove stub daemon code
      Add a few more bits to EXTRA_DIST
      Release 2013.3

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