Understanding where kernel command line comes from the first time


When deploying an ostree onto a clean disk on a uboot-based system for
the first time, where do the default kernel command line params come

I am confused by the logic in ostree_sysroot_deploy_one_tree() :

  gs_unref_object OstreeBootconfigParser *bootconfig = NULL;

  bootconfig = ostree_bootconfig_parser_new ();
  ostree_deployment_set_bootconfig (new_deployment, bootconfig);
  ohash = _ostree_sysroot_parse_kernel_args
(ostree_bootconfig_parser_get (bootconfig, "options"));

As "bootconfig" is new and hasn't had any entries written into it, how
are we able to get "options" from it now? Isn't bootconfig totally
empty at this point?


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