status of DeveloperWorkflow

I've been looking at
but it doesn't fully work yet (namely, you need to have
the components/ refs downloaded).

It was still too hacky, so I started reworking things more in a
wip/ostbuild-v3 branch.  The main tension is that I don't
want to tie together "ostree" and "ostbuild" too tightly.

But I ended up compromising and now commit objects have a "related
objects".  So when you do e.g.:

ostree-pull --repo=repo --related gnome

The --related says effectively "also download the components/foo"
commits that went into the tree.  This will allow re-composing
on the client.

Needs more work, but I know having a sane workflow for people
to download the binaries AND modify things is the main blocker
right now.  Otherwise it's not really much better than a live CD.

is the branch in case anyone's curious.

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