Re: automated build server setup on EC2


Colin Walters <walters verbum org> writes:

> [...]
> Bitbake screen session:

> $ sudo su -
> # su - ostree

Ouch, seeing this hurts a bit, hehe ;-)

A shorthand that makes “sudo” *both* switch user and launch a login
shell in a single command would be (with the added bonus of creating
less intermediate processes):

  # sudo -u ostree -i

> Both of these above two parts need automation and coordination.  I'm
> still on the fence about which CI software to use... leaning towards
> BuildBot but I haven't looked at it in detail.

Personally I like BuildBot [1] and have already some experience setting
up both the master server and the workers. Being Python makes it quite
easily hackable.

IMHO we could set it up watching the “gnome-ostree” Git repository,
doing builds automatically whenever a commit reaches the “master”
branch. As an extra I think it would be interesting to also allow
to manually trigger builds from other branches, so anyone with a
GNOME account who can push branches to the repo can check their
branches before integrating into “master”.

My 2cents.


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