So this is my little side project which seems to be gaining some life,
and might even be useful in the near future.

To call it ambitious would be understating things, but I'm happy
with that.  I'm prepared to fail, but if we don't succeed, hopefully
some of the lessons or technology can live on in a successor.

So if you haven't, please head over to the wiki page:


An important note: I'm trying to avoid this project being
advertised/discussed widely because honestly, it's not ready.  It's not
yet in a state where I think it's actually *useful* over the
alternatives (jhbuild, dpkg/rpm).

But if you're here, you believe in my crack ideas and see promise, and
the hope for a future, where upgrades don't involve ripping away files
underneath running programs, where all of the OS is built out of git
repositories, where we have continuous integration, and most
importantly - where the culture of FOSS changes from "packaging" to
"development while avoiding regressions".

What I'm working on now is:

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