Re: [orca-list] A website crashes Chrome-based browsers and Orca all at once


This happens to me too, most often when I press Control and L to bring up the address window. Youtube is an offender too.

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On 2021-09-21 21:00, Kyle via orca-list wrote:
This is happening randomly on the website I use for work. I have tried it using Chromium and Brave, Fedora and Arch, x86_64 and ARM machines. As I write this, I am running from the Fedora x86_64 system running Orca 40.0 and have had the same experience with both chromium 93.0.4577.63 and Brave Today I'm having more trouble than usual with this website. I can only stay logged in for about 5 minutes before the screen reader and the browser both crash out hardcore. Actually today, 5 minutes is the longest time I've been able to stay online. I was able to capture a couple of debug.out files, so maybe hopefully this can be fixed, although due to the nature of the website, I should send these off list. The last one will probably capture the browser crashing. This time it didn't take Orca down with it, although that is probably in the first debug.out. I'll send both. Thanks for any help with this.


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