Re: [orca-list] how to set the dynamic column header row in google sheet with Orca?

1. Navigate to that row witch you want as header row.
2. Press: alt + A it will take you to accessibility menu.
3. Nabigate to: speak>speak rows as colomn header and hit enter.
Note: in sameĀ  way you can set headers for rows as well.

On Tue, Aug 31, 2021, 7:54 PM kk's Programming Hub via orca-list <orca-list gnome org> wrote:
Hello all.

This is after a long time that I am mailing to this list.

I am extremely happy with the way Chromium is working with Orca as far
as google sheets and google slides are concerned.

In fact I see that google slides are the best thing right now for

My question however must have become obvious in the subject line.

In Calc I can just press Orca + r to set the dynamic column header on a
certain row.

How can I achieve the same in google sheets?



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