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Looking at this now I'm wondering whether this is not translation issue.

in the file there are constants where string values include how these accented letters should be spoken.

lowercase á is spoken as "a acute". Capital á is spoken as "A ACUTE".

So it is the same but written all in uppercase.

All the translations are following this paradigm I've just checked czech, slovak and french.

Perhaps we should change these to "caps a acute" and similar.

Or otherwise we should just ignore all this and make speech-dispatcher and the actual TTS do its job. However some TTS engines are better at this than the others so we are at the begining when considering this over and over again.



Dňa 26. 5. 2021 o 17:58 Vojtěch šmiro via orca-list napísal(a):

I would like to tell you critical bug in Orca.

When I have capitalization style set to none, but it says when I write capital letter, when I write these letters:
Á, É, Í, Ý, Ó, Ú
Ä, Ë, Ï, Ö, Ü
Orca don't say capital, but I have reading capital letters on Speech page enabled. Only clicking of capital letters click that, but Orca won't say capital. Orca Master 40.1, Ubuntu Mate 20.04.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards

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