Re: [orca-list] Converting text to sound

espeak -w file.wav -w file.txt

English is default language

with the option -s you can set the speed and with -v the language for example 150 words/minute in French:

espeak -s150 -vfr -w file.txt > file.wat

or with voxin:

voxin-say -f file.txt > file.wav

with the option -l you can choose a language for example French:

voxin-say -lfr -f file.txt > file.wav



Op 22-05-2021 om 20:53 schreef Vojtěch šmiro via orca-list:

is some way to convert text to wav or mp3 wia Espeak or Voxin TTS? And is it legal to convert texts to mp3 for my own? Can I convert my own written texts to mp3 for my friends?

Thanks a lot.

Best regards

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