[orca-list] installing Ubuntu-Mate

So instead of working from a live Ubuntu-mate, I have a live setup on a thumb drive that I booted to, and I'm going to install to a 32 GB SD card in the SD card slot, instead of the live image on an SD card that I now cannot log into.
So I've come across this before, and it is partially because Orca reads stuff strangely in the partitioning window of the installer.
I selected the "something else" in the installer for where to install it, because I don't want to mess up the windows on the internal drive.
But it keeps moving off the /dev/sdc and going back to /dev/sda.
I figured out that I need to put a swap partition in first, and I made that the same as the RAM on this computer.
It was given /dev/sdc1.
Then I created another partition with the remaining, and selected ext4 journaling system and mountpoint of slash.
I keep getting the error no file system is defined.
This is a stupid process, I read lots of on-line forums where people run into the same problem.
I have installed lots of times where I either installed along side windows or used the entire internal partition, but this is weird.
It is scary because I don't want to wipe my windows.
Normally I'm comfortable doing stuff with instructions, but maybe I can find someone to talk me through it via telephone.
Because I don't get this, it should be easier than all this.
Any takers?

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