Re: [orca-list] No start menu on other mate distros. What does that mean?

Hi Daniel,

The Mate start menu is everywhere, but to raise it each distribution can choose
to use the default key binding provided by upstream (the Mate project), or
customize it.

In this case the default key binding is Alt+F1, set in this file:
in lines 627-631 pasted below:

    <key name="panel-main-menu" type="s">
      <summary>Show the panel's main menu</summary>
<description>The format looks like "&lt;Control&gt;a" or "&lt;Shift&gt;&lt;Alt&gt;F1". The parser is fairly liberal and allows lower or upper case, and also abbreviations such as "&lt;Ctl&gt;" and "&lt;Ctrl&gt;". If you set the option to the special string "disabled", then there will be no keybinding for this action.</description>

For Slint that I maintain I chose to keep the default but Ubuntu and Mint
changed this value in this file:

This key binding can also be customized by the user several ways:
1. runnning the application mate-keybinding-properties
2. using the application gsettings
3. using the application dconf-editor

The customized settings are stored in this database
which is not readable


PS Maybe I misinterpreted your question and the "start" menu is not
the one on a panel. In this case please elaborate.

Le 20/05/2021 à 05:21, Daniel McGee via orca-list a écrit :
Hey all

I tried out the mate distros on debian and fedora live installers. However, on each distros, pressing the 
super key to bring up the start menu does nothing. Anyone tried out the mate desktop using these distros and 
what's it mean that the start menu isn't there? In contrast, to ubuntu and mint, which do feature the start 

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