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Finally I found a (not callable clean) solution to make Arduino Java IDE accessible:

1. copy /etc/java-11-jdk/ to <arduino extracted path>/java/lib

2. copy /usr/share/java/java-java-atk-wrapper.jar to <arduino extracted path>/java/lib

3. Copy /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/jni/ <arduino extracted path>/java/lib/amd64

4. Edit to be sure the last line is not commented

5. Edit <arduino extracted path>/arduino and under the line "for LIB in \" add:

"$APPDIR"/java/lib/java-atk-wrapper.jar \

Quotes are important.

6. Enjoy!

As I said, it is tinkering 😁


Le 08/05/2021 à 10:40, Patrick ZAJDA a écrit :


I have to use Arduino IDE to build this project:

But the IDE is not accessible (Java is so strange with accessibility on Linux).

To build project, I read there is a command line project which can help.

But as my board is an ESP32, I have to install an add-on to the IDE.

has someone dealt with this situation?

I cannot use the IDE at all on Debian 10 with Orca master.

Best regards,

Patrick ZAJDA

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