Re: [orca-list] Accessibility of Ardour with Orca

Hey hey Ali,
Nov 19 2020, Ali Savas has written:
can Ardour be used with Orca?
As far as I know: no.
If not, what would the developers have to change in the source code to make
Ardour usable with Orca?
If I remember Paul Davis' explanation correctly: the main widget is not
accessible and he wouldn't change it, since it would be a huge amount of
work. I am not sure about other elements of the user interface, but
there might be more elements which are inaccessible. It's one of those
cases where accessibility would practically mean rebuilding the whole

As a possible alternative: have you tried or even considered Reaper? I
am not sure about its accessibility under Linux, but it is usable with
screenreaders under windows and mac.

I hope that helps somewhat.

Best wishes,


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