Re: [orca-list] Initial Fedora Setup

On Fri, Jun 23, 2017 at 07:53:34AM AEST, Rob wrote:
When you first fire up the fedora cd. Can you press super+shift+s to start up orca, or do you have to go 
alt+f2 and type

You can use Alt + Super + S to start Orca. Remember you need to press enter 
to start the live image booting, and it will take a bit since it tests the 
image before booting into it.

Any problem with the installation screens? I remember, some time back, that you had to move in and out of 
flat review to get your hard drive and partitions set up. How is that screen, now?
Other issues I need to be aware of, when firing up fedora for the first time?

The partitions page is somewhat better, I think it indicates what drives are 
checked, can't remember, need to have another look, but it should be doable 
for more simple partitioning setups. Remember that Fedora uses LVM by 
default, which IMO is not a bad thing.
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