Re: [orca-list] Getting started using orca under ubuntu


Le 30/12/2017 à 14:31, Alex ARNAUD a écrit :
Le 29/12/2017 à 15:16, Jacob Kruger a écrit :
In other words, should I consider a prior version of ubuntu, or a completely different instance of linux, 
or is there some additional setting, or form of configuration I should look into?

You should consider to use the Mate desktop because it's the most accessible and IMO the simplest. There is 
Ubuntu Mate version available.

Best regards.

Then I'd suggest choosing a distribution with Mate 1.18, which is the case of the Artful (17.10) and Zesty 
(17.04) editions that are soon to be no more supported according to this web page: bot not of the long term supported Xenial (16.04) that ships 1.16.

As a reminder, the Mate teams claims that Mate 1.18 brings an enhanced  accessibility with Hypra's help.

You can also give a go to Slint64-14.2.1 that I intend to support for several years and ships Mate 1.18 among 
other graphical environments.

The website is there: and I add some hopefully useful links:

Caveat: I am not sure that these web pages (built using DokuWiki) be fully accessible, especially using a web 
browser like lynx.

@All: please let me know about issues to access these pages, so that I provide an alternate formatting if 
need be.



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