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Hi Jacob,
I am the least qualified to answer you, so believe you will get better answers. My impression is that a number of people prefer the mate desktop, but I think the ones you are trying to use should be usable.
Do make sure you have the latest updates installed.
From a root prompt, do
apt-get update
and once it is done,
apt-get upgrade.
That will install all updates for the ubuntu you are running which came out since the releace.
HTH, Willem

On Fri, 29 Dec 2017, Jacob Kruger wrote:

I am busy setting up a second machine, which might become my primary development platform, since I am primarily a web developer, who works with PHP, etc..

Anyway, my primary platform up to now has been windows, working with the NVDA screen reader, but, I have already got a desktop PC, with a 275Gb solid-state drive, which has ubuntu 16.04 installed on it, with orca up and running, and, I am pretty comfortable with the object navigation/screen review commands, since they are relatively similar to NVDA on the windows platform's object navigation, and, also since I have played around with raspberry pi mini computers in the past, running the raspbian version of debian linux - there worked with a version of speakUp, working primarily command line.

However, my introductory question actually relates to the use of Ubuntu, and/or the configuration thereof.

This is since neither the gnome menu/search box, brought up using left alt+F1, and the unity launcher, brought up using the super/windows key on the keyboard seem to offer much in conjunction with orca - not with current configuration, in any case?

This is since both of them seem to, at various points, just not read out focus items to me, or, under unity launcher, it will just tell me something like "push button", without reading any form of description beyond that out to me.

In other words, should I consider a prior version of ubuntu, or a completely different instance of linux, or is there some additional setting, or form of configuration I should look into?

Lastly, the reason I am asking these questions is since I would want to use the machine as a complete PC, working on it as a coding platform, as well as my work machine, and for leisure activities like reading eBooks, playing music, audio editing, etc. etc.


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