Re: [orca-list] Debain: how to get orca talking

Hi again,

I don't have speech at the graphical login screen.
I enter my username and hit tab and enter my password and hit enter.
Orca then greets me with screen reader on.

Why is not orca talking when entering log in credentials?



On 9 December 2017 at 12:20, Øyvind Lode <oyvind lode gmail com> wrote:
Orca is talking.
I know have to find how to use orca and mate :)

On 8 December 2017 at 23:37, Keith Barrett <lists barrettpianos co uk> wrote:


Probably the dreaded pulseaudio again.

You could do the following:
sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio
Luckily in mate you can do this without loads of packages being removed.

Then you need to configure speech-dispatcher to use libao.

cd /etc/speech-dispatcher
sudo nano speechd.conf
Look for the line that says
output method and change pulse to libao

Save the file and hopefully orca should now work.

You can run spd-say hello world in the console where you are using speakup
and if the changes have worked you should hear hello world spoken.

Good luck.

On 08/12/17 17:29, Øyvind Lode wrote:

Hi list:

I've just installed Debian buster (testing) to play around with GUI
and Orca again.
I installed mate desktop (the default choice in debian installer).
After installation I don't have speech after logging into the desktop.
Speech works fine through speakup when switching to a text console.
How to get speech working on the desktop?

Please also send me most commonly used mate desktop keyboard shortcuts
and orca shortcuts to get me started exploring the desktop.


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