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If you take into account differences how to emulate clicks with orca and how to do the same thing with NVDA this site works the same way with orca as with NVDA.
The thing is that date selector displays its calendar in a table. None of the entries within the table are focusable so there is no way to interact with that part except of emulating clicks on the table cells corresponding with day numbers. When using NVDA you can just use table navigation features to locate the day you wish and press the enter key to synthesize a click.
With orca you can also use table navigation commands to find your day however you have to either move flat review to the current clickable or you have to use list of clickables in order to be able to synthesize a click.
I am not sure if this can be improved at orca side of things given the fact we wish not to override enter key presses as discussed several times in the past.



2017-12-04 21:56 GMT+01:00 Joanmarie Diggs <jdiggs igalia com>:
All I'm seeing from Firefox when I arrow are children being added and
removed. That happens sometimes with live regions, but I don't see the
expected live region attributes. Are you able to try it with NVDA?


On 12/04/2017 03:04 PM, Austin Seraphin wrote:
> I cannot select a date from the calendar on this scheduling site using
> Firefox 57.0 and Orca master. While evaluating the site I noticed that
> it does work in Safari on a Mac, so I imagine Orca can do it as well. I
> thought I'd pass it along.

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