[orca-list] My thoughts on the accessible coconut.

Hi all,

Last night I desided to give accessible coconut a test run.  For thoughes who are wondering, it appears to be based on ubuntu 16.04.3 (LTS) It is using gnome clasic as the desktop.  The install is very automated.  Just select the drive you want to install to and klet it do its thing.  There are a few things to keep in mind.

First, When launching the installer, you are asked to enter the password which is just the letter l.  Note I am refering to the letter  so you would just enter an l in the password box and then press enter and then you would be able to install.

Next.  The install simple does everything for you.  This means, the username and password for the account are used when booting the installed system.  You can change this however and yopu will want t0o do this.  Just enter the follow the followin in a terminal.  sudo passwd linux.  You should be asked for a new password which you can then enter and conferm and you should be set to go.  I have tried chromeum with speech and this does work as it should.  BTW, does anyone know how to work with chromevox. I have tried a number of keystrokes but nothing worked.

Almost forgot  to bring up that sudo apt-get does worlk for updating the system which I did almost rite after installing.

Great work on things and I hope it continues.   Also, for thoughes who are wondering the version of orca being used is 3.26,.1 pree.  I am guessing that this was taken from the master branch.  Thsanks again.


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