[orca-list] Gnome-Shell focus bug?


Using Orca 3.18.2 and Gnome-shell 3.18.5 on Ubuntu 16.04.3. Since a week or two, a problem keeps on bothering me:

When an application, or Gnome-shell itself, opens a sort-of modal dialog window, it cannot be dismissed.

I then have to force-kill the process to resume using my computer. In the case of Gnome-shell itself, I have to reboot using the console.

Steps to reproduce:
1) open gedit
2) Ctrl+Alt+Tab to the system menu bar
3) navigate to Gedit -> Preferences
4) now try to close the preferences window using Escape or mouse click

This happens with both Orca enabled or disabled.

Can someone confirm this, and possible provide a workaround or fix?

Thank you,

Frans-Willem Post

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