Re: [orca-list] Reset to distro-Orca after trying master

Having found the solution myself, by studying the docs. This is what I did:

- sudo make uninstall from the source directory
- remove all traces of Orca from my ~/.local folder
- apt purge gnome-orca
- apt install gnome-orca
- import my settings using dconf < my-settings.ini
- start Orca!

Now I'm back on my distro's Orca package (3.18.2). Sorry for the noise.

The experience was very educational, and made me realize I do need a screenreader :-).

Thanks for reading,

Frans-Willem Post

On 07-08-17 23:15, Frans-Willem Post wrote:


Out of curiosity, I tried the instructions to build Orca from master. Even followed the the advice to ./configure --prefix=`pwd`/bld.

I turned the distro-Orca off (Super+Alt+S), started the master-Orca. It ran OK from the /bld/bin/ directory - not paying any attention to my current settings or profiles.

After killing it with Ctrl+C, I turned back on the distro-Orca and was in for a surprise: all my settings seem gone? DConf still has them stored, but the old Orca no longer reads them?

I have a backup of my settings, can reload them using 'dconf load'. Can anyone help me get my distro-Orca back to the way it was?

OS: Ubuntu Gnome 16.04.2 LTS
Orca: 3.18.2

Thank you very much,

Frans-Willem Post

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