Re: [orca-list] bugginess with orca and firefox interactions is there a falling out? :)

This should be fixed in master. Please be on the lookout for unintended
side effects -- and if you suspect any, please verify that it doesn't
occur with Orca v3.25.4. Thanks!


On 08/03/2017 09:53 AM, Majid Hussain wrote:
hi all,
firstly let me apollojise for my poor spelling and reporting of this
bugg I hope it makes sence
if not please do ask questions.

I have an issue with orca and firefox, stepps to reproduce are as folows,
wen trying to brows for an alternate location to save files i.e from
the downloads folder to someware like the desktop orca does not speek
the menu items.
stepps to repreduce

go to edit preferances
click on browse for folder
you will be put in the file chooser window
tab once i hear push button
what I should be hearing is save as type for that is what that button is
tab again and I hear cansel
tab again I hear open if you tab again i hear the folowing, one of 11
what is this?
I think it is a location where files can be saved it changes when usb
media is inserted
what I should be hearing is names for these fantom locations.
sorry for my poor spelling,
I hope this makes sence,
version of apps

firefox 54.0.1 64 bit
 orca 3.24.1 pre from arch repos

running on arch linux

running with the mate desktop enviroment.

thanks again,
Majid Hussain

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