[orca-list] slow tree views

Hi all,

While trying to fix evolution slowness with very large address books for my day job, I noticed that orca was also getting bogged down. I'm wondering if this has affected anyone else, with orca appearing to hang when focusing on a large tree view.

There was a bug with AT-SPI's caching of roles, and orca thought that the tree view was just a panel and proceeded to poke through what might be thousands of cells. On the gtk side, the atk role was originally set to ATK_ROLE_PANEL and later set to ATK_ROLE_TABLE. An event was fired, but the event was not being sent over dbus so that orca would see it.

I've fixed this in the master branch of at-spi2-atk, for anyone pulling from git. I'm debating whether to push this for 3.22.2 (although the code now works as intended, I'm slightly worried that it might cause slowness elsewhere through event floods).

If any of you test this, then I'd appreciate knowing whether it makes a difference either way.


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