Re: [orca-list] Firefox notifications

I've also seen this. Often, however, I've found that working backwards
brings the buttons into focus, i.e. using Shift+TAB.

Not a solution, but perhaps a useful tip. Hope it helps someone.


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL writes:

Firefox displays more and more pop-up. eg. "Do you want to save
password" "to share micro" "to ..."? Accept, Refuse, Close this message,

With NVDA, it's quite simple. The focus is on the proper buttons and
it's easy to choose via tab and space keys. Submenus, etverything is fine.

Why isn't it possible with Orca? Tab is very random (we never know
wether it reaches the notif bar, the buttons, etc). Sometimes yes, most
often no. I've never managed to make Hangout work due to it. An idea? A
fix possible? Can we help?

In the same order of thing, I use Webvisum to hear captcha. With this
plugin, you choose "Solve tee captcha". On Windows you hear "caqscha
sent to server" then "result pasted in clipboard". Orca never speaks
these Firefox notif.

Is it some possible improvements for 3.22?

Best regards,

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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