[orca-list] On Thunderbird, when writing links label are not announced, Orca says "link" or ignores links

Dear all,

I have noticed that Orca doesn't announce the link when I write an email.

Environment :
- Orca from master
- Debian 8.6
- Icedove 45.5.1

Steps to reproduce :
1) Open Thunderbird or Icedove
2) Write a new mail (HTML mode)
3) Add a link inside a line
4) Press return
5) Read the line with the up arrow

Result : Orca reads the line but the link is presented only as "link".
Expected result : Orca should also say the link label.

6) Do a "basic Where am I?"

Result : Orca ignores the link.
Expected result : Orca should present the link (with its label) to the user.

Best regards.
Visual-Impairment Project Manager
Hypra - "Humanizing technology"

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