Re: [orca-list] Orca starts and then stops at login prompt

This does not sound good. 
I have a similar  issue with some Vinux and ubuntu releases where orca starts after log-on drums play, 
stops right away, and to restart it I usually have to go to the top panel with f10 or alt f10, (does not 
matter which), and go to the screenreader icon, 
i.e. the hotkey combo does not work. 
To get to the screenreader icon one usually can right arrow once, and then go up once.
Orca usually stays on after that.
In Vinux5 I do not get orca to talk until I press the hotkey twice, i.e. it appears to be running, but not 
speaking as if something in the chain of 
software is not connected. The hot key does work however in these cases, unlike the first issue I explained. 
Unless there is a special reason you need Ubuntu 16.10 you might bet best off with 16.04 as it is an LTS 

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  Pranav Lal wrote:
Sun, Dec 25, 2016 at 09:09:38PM +0530

Hi all,

I am using Ubuntu 16.1 from within vmware for windows. I installed the OS into
the VM without a problem using the 64bit is file. I was able to launch orca. 

I had to reboot the virtual machine. Orca starts at the login prompt and then I
hear "screen reader off". Hitting alt+windows+s at that point of time does

I get out of the virtual machine, go back in and then try alt+windows+s and orca
starts and then stops.

What gives?

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