Re: [orca-list] Please test master with Gtk+ 3 (re typeahead search and caja event spam)

Hi again,

I made more tests and I've some reflexion:
When the desktop has been just focused, for instance when coming from the software menu to desktop; if I type one letter, for instance l, it says "l" "text" and the icon. If I stay on the desktop and I search an other icon with the same way, it says directly the name of the icon, which is the behavior I expect.

Is your hack supposed to concern the file manager?

In the file manager, when typing one letter, it says the reached element and other blabla after. We don't need the other information, but at least, it says the reached element first which is the most important.

When typing several letters, it says "text", and the letters, and the element, and the title of the window and other blabla.



On 12/13/2016 06:29 PM, Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
Hey guys.

I just committed a change to Orca master which should minimize some of
the problems described with respect to Caja, which spews accessibility
events rather enthusiastically when typeahead search is used. I have so
far only made the changes for Gtk+ 3 and it is a heuristic. Thus testing
would be appreciated.


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