Re: [orca-list] Gnome 3.22 - Nautilus context menus not working


Currently  not at my Computer,  i will try at home but another way to open the context menu is to perform a 
right click orca can do that(take a look at the bindings).

Also OCRdesktop  has the ability to perform any kind of clicks.

Another  thing: since gnome 3.22 wayland is the default  session make sure that you are in X11 session. 
Wayland has currently  more problems  in kind of a11y

Cheers chrys 

Am So. Dez. 11 12:29:32 2016 GMT+0100 schrieb Nick Wood:
Hi all,

Running Gnome 3.22 on Fedora 25.

Have noticed that I can no longer open the context menu in Nautilus by 
pressing the context menu key on my keyboard.

Seems fine in other applications like Thunderbird, so is this just a 
Nautilus bug?

Anyone else seeing this behaviour? And any tips on how to open the 
context menu without using a mouse?


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