Re: [orca-list] Loosing focus in pluma


I can confirm this does indeed happen, although it seems limited to the gtk2 version of pluma only, and also the stable version of orca. I've just tried to reproduce the bug with orca from git, and can't seem to do it. Also, this bug seems to affect the mate desktop as well, gtk2. Orca won't read the list of icons on the desktop or in open caja, the file manager, windows. If you install the gtk3 version of mate, which as far as I know only arch and arch based distros have packaged, both pluma and the desktop work fine, so now I'm confused.


Kendell Clark

On 12/9/2016 10:01 AM, Raphaël POITEVIN wrote:
Hi again,

Debian Jessie, Orca master, Mate 1.8, Firefox 45.2:

1. open any application, for instance Firefox
2. open pluma
3. write small text
4. switch with alt tab to the other application
5. switch back to pluma with alt+tab
6. Move trough the texte with the arrow keys
There is nomore following of the focus.


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