Re: [orca-list] newsgroup readers

Thunderbird works very well GUI side, i.e. with orca, and I use slrn with speakup. 
I also use alpine, the old CLI email app for usenet at times.
Slrn takes a bit of configuration, but is easy to use once done. 
I had to add a few lines to my pinrc file for alpine of course as well.
Thunderbird can take a while to load available groups when you are subscribing, but for those used to it for 
email everything should be pretty obvious when 
it comes to newsgroups.
Feel free to write me off list if you need help with any of these programs...I'm really busy these days, so 
please do not think I'm ignoring you iuf it 
takes a while for me to reply, and resend if you've not heard from me after a few days in case I've missed 
the msg.

   Registerd Linux User 521886

  Keith Barrett wrote:
Thu, Dec 08, 2016 at 11:18:41PM +0000

Looking for recommendations for newsgroup readers that work well with orca
or speakup.

This is for text based newsgroups.

Many thanks


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