Re: [orca-list] can't start orca with yakkety

Start as you say using the try ubuntu option and then there is probably an install icon on the desktop. 
If not there should be a way to install at any rate, so I'd try typing "install", (with out quotes of 
course), ifrom the HUD or the dash. 
I do not know if there are accessibility issues that effect using the dash and or  HUD in this Ubuntu 
release, perhaps Luke or someoone else can inform us 
about this and or give the exact command or name of a .desktop file required to launch the installer.
I usually install Ubuntu and Vinux after choosing  "try Ubuntu" instead of going directly to the installer by 
choosinig "install..." on the startup screen.

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  John G Heim wrote:
Thu, Dec 01, 2016 at 11:27:53AM -0600

I just downloaded the ubuntu yakkety iso and burned it to a thumb drive. It
boots and I hear the ubuntu drums but pressing alt+super+s does not start
orca.  If I press tab and then enter to "Try Ubuntu", then pressing
alt+super+s starts orca. But I need it on the installation screens.


John G. Heim; jheim math wisc edu; sip://jheim sip linphone org
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