Re: [orca-list] DoubleTalk on USB

Wow, you just made the strongest case I have ever read for purchasing one
and getting things rolling for speech dispatcher to support it so you could
use Orca with one.  Speakup supports a ton of them and Emacspeak plays nice
with a ton of them as well.  For blind musicians, I bet other things like
Jackd Audio and musical workstations like Ardour or Rosegarden would be that
much easier to use without having to worry if your speech is going to get
cut off.  You could connect an earstud to your hw synth and not have its
output picked up by the PC while you did what you needed to do with your
keyboard, guitar or what have you.  It's a sweet deal all around.  

Alex M

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On Tue, Jan 07, 2014 at 03:55:07AM EST, Alex Midence wrote:
I wonder what sound system would drive a hardware synth.  Is the Pulse 
audio versus Alsa issue even a concern if one has an external synthesizer?

Hardware synths would probably be considered embedded devices and would only
have the minimum hardware to perform the task, so whilst there is firmware,
there wouldn't be an operating system as such, given the device only
performs one task.

Pulse/ALSA have nothing to do with externally connected hardware


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