Re: [orca-list] DoubleTalk on USB

However, a driver could be written for speech dispatcher to support such
a synth.

Luke Yelavich <themuso ubuntu com> wrote:

On Tue, Dec 31, 2013 at 12:12:19PM EST, Jason White wrote:
Thomas Ward <thomasward1978 gmail com> wrote:
Well, you have two problems. The first is not all USB to serial
adapters will work with your Doubletalk. I tried this option with a
number of hardware synths and discovered that some USB to serial
adapters work, and others don't for some reason.

The reason, according to discussions on another mailing list, is that some USB
to serial adapters don't implement all of the serial lines, in particular the
hardware flow control required by some devices.

its also worth noting that speakup doesn't work with USB to serial adaptors. Speakup so far as I know can 
only work with onboard serial ports that use the traditional legacy ports, 3F8H etc.

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