Re: [orca-list] Navigation Bug in Orca Config Page

I noticed this as well with Orca 3.4.0 on Ubuntu 12.04.

On 05/05/12 20:49, Steve Holmes wrote:
I realize the config page may under go some big changes but for now, I
do notice some problems with back tabbing around the tab control where
you choose between General, Speech, Braille, etc.  While the selection
is on the tab control, tab forward once to the next detail item; then
start back tabbing and notice what happens.  For me, it immediately
drops back to one of the later options in the dialog, skipping the OK,
Cancel and Help buttons completely.  Once back there, you can tab
forward and pick them up.  It's strange; if you bring up the config
dialog and the selection is on the tab control and you immediately
begin by back tabbing, it works fine.  It only seems to happen when
tabbing forward first from the tab control.

Can others reproduce this? if so, I can file a bug report.  I'm using
recent git pull of Orca and gnome 3.4.1 packages in Arch Linux.
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