Re: [orca-list] HUD works in the daily build for 3/31/2012

Hi Andy,
That's some great news and a hope in the darkness.
But my quesstion is, while HUD started to work fine, how about the shell filler that comes up when we press the super (windows ) key?
Is it spoken back?
Secondly, what do you get when you press alt + f1?

Happy hacking.

On 31/03/12 19:49, Andy B. wrote:


I have been having some problems with the more recent daily builds from
yesterday and the day before. I had to kill my VM install of the 12.04 setup
that I had from an old alpha release/daily build from a few months ago.
While setting up a production development server with 11.10 and attempting
to fix the problem with 12.04, I downloaded today's daily build. After
installing it (which only took 5 minutes compared to 30 minutes), I checked
for updates. I then closed update manager, and started thumbing around to
see if I could figure out the problem with not being able to access the
file, edit, go, bookmarks, and help menus with ALT+F10. I never did figure
it out. I accidently pressed ALT by itself and heard nothing from Orca. I
then typed a few characters. What's this? I get feedback on the filtered
choices? I then closed HUD with ESC. I heard "desktop". I pressed ALT to
start HUD again. Thinking that this might be a fluke, I typed writ and ended
up with a bunch of networking stuff and some system settings. Now that this
thing works, what exactly do you use it for? Is this possibly the reason
they took the typical Unity 4.x menubar out of the system? Now, lets hope
that I can get the system to restart. If so, we are back in business! If so,
I will need to move my development server over to 12.04 because I need the
newer server apps such as Apache, PHP, and MySQL.



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