[orca-list] Table cells spokening and braille presenting doesn't working always right?


I see an interesting problem with table cell row spokening feature:
If I run gnome-control-center keyboard command, after I switch the keyboard shortcuts page, Orca not spokening right the actual selected table cell rows.
Reproducation steps:
1. Open GNOME Terminal.
2. Run gnome-control-center keyboard command.
3. Switch the second page, press TAB key until you not have the tree table, and move the awailable items with arrow keys. I hear only the not selected state if I remember right. When I using where am I command, Orca right spokening entire row. I see similar issue when I press TAB key and try choosing another keybinding section.

Anybody confirming this issue?
I using my Ubuntu Precise with latest master Orca version, latest at-spi2-core, at-spi2-atk and latest atk source version from git. Not matter if I run both three sources with ./autogen.sh, make and make install commands? I not forgot a step the master version compiling related?

If this issues are confirmed, tomorrow I making a debug.out file and opening a report in Bugzilla.


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