Re: [orca-list] running ubuntu 11.10 alongisde windows seven

Hi William,

Are you running Unity 3D or Unity 2D? I.E. before logging in did you change the desktop session to Unity 2D so you would have access to the accessible version of Unity?

The reason I'm asking is that Unity 3D is broken, and my guess is if you haven't changed your default environment to Unity 2D you might be having access issues due to running the wrong version of Unity.


On 4/21/2012 9:32 AM, william lomas wrote:
                hi all i got my uby installation successfully completed, and when i press f12 at bootup and 
do my fn key alt key and f2 and type orca, orca runs, but my alt f1 is not on my netbook evenw tih fn key for 
the function keys to work birning up any aps.
i am new to ubuntu so not sure where to go rom here

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