Re: [orca-list] has some one tryed kmail after the latest update

On 04/17/2012 10:38 AM, Krishnakant mane wrote:

<nothing in the body of the message, but his question is in the subject>

Do keep in mind that making an application like KMail accessible is
going to take the efforts of three developer groups:

1. KMail - to ensure that things like application-wide keyboard
   navigation is in place (it is not yet present for messages being
   read; as opposed to composed).
2. Qt - to ensure Qt accessibility support is in place to notify us
   of important events which happen as a result of your using the
   native application functions (e.g. navigating in KMail with the
   keyboard). Frederik Gladhorn is actively working in this area.
3. Orca - to ensure that when you navigate in KMail and Qt tells us
   what you are doing, we actually do the right thing. Sometimes we
   do so already. Sometimes, as was the case the other day, I notice
   that we are sometimes skipping events we should not be skipping.
   As you probably know by now, I am actively working in this area.

Long way of saying that KMail is coming along nicely in terms of "Wow,
we're going to have another suite of apps -- and one day a whole new
desktop environment we can use!" However, KMail is not yet ready to use
by Orca users. When it is, believe me, I will announce this fact -- if
others on the list don't beat me to it. <smiles>

Thanks for your interest. Take care.

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