Re: [orca-list] double read in libre office

Hi Attila,

The fix committed  by Mike are in the master or in the  branch?

On 04/14/2012 03:53 AM, Hammer Attila wrote:
Hy José,

I think all this type problems are resolved when at-spi2-core package
upgraded officialy with 2.4.1 upstream maintenance release.
When I tested Mike fix with already committed, Orca always loaded right
scripts with Libreoffice, Pidgin, etc. This is true too if I not enabled
with quickstart possibility in Libreoffice apps.

Prewious days Joanie works lot of time with handling Orca the timeout
related process appear to be hung traceback error messages too, for
example in Thunderbird with big folders I already not see this type
error messages.
If anybody see this type traceback error message, please attach the
debug.out file with following report:
Very important, when you would like testing applications this error
related, need updating Orca master branch or gnome-3-4 branch with
latest state.

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