Re: [orca-list] orca and first line of gnome-terminal

This bug is found for other things too, for example a first line in pidgin's message window, screen, all uses of less...
W dniu 20.11.2011 18:38, Michael Whapples pisze:
I have noticed for some time now that the first line of the console area of gnome-terminal is not seen by 
orca in flat review. I particularly notice it when searching through available packages, with the output of 
packman piped to less, however its not specific to less.

Here is a simple test case:
1. Open gnome-terminal
2. type nano and press enter
3. Use flat review to view the console area.

Expected: The top line should say something about nano and what version you have.
Actual: Orca does not announce this line at the very top of the console. It seems like it might be seeing 
there is a line there as to get from the menu bar to the second line of the console you need to press 
numpad-9 twice, but after the first press nothing is said or Brailled.

Does anyone know if such a bug report is already filed or shall I go and add this to bugzilla?

Michael Whapples
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