[orca-list] easy-ocr 2.6 is released.

hello friends,
easy-ocr 2.6 is released.
WE are very thankful for your suggestions.
version 2.6 has following advantages.

1. file name replacement is safe.
2. no unnecessary images will be kept in the system.
3. auto rotation. along with autorotation facilityin the setup, we have introduced 2 keys in the menu so that a visually impaired person can read scattered bundle of papers. the programme will read the paper whatever direction it is kept.
4. We have done away with key board short cuts for the sake of portability. one can assign his own short cuts. please go through the read me given below. EASY-OCR-2.6 (WITH 24 LANGUAGE SUPPORT)

Now a visually impaired person can read print in 24 languages using free software.
New features.

1. being a deb package easy-ocr 2.6 can be installed very easily.

2. scan and read from very beginning.

3. settings are saved until you go for change of settings again. 

4. file name and location is requested by the programme at the beginning of the scanning process, if no location is specified file will be automatically saved in the documents.

5. auto rotation. now, you are no more to worry about how you keep the book on the scanner. programme can set the correct rotation for you

6. in this version there are two types of auto rotation. Auto rotation in the settings will fix the rotation which will remain the same. at the same time there two buttons in the other menu scan-1-FAR and scan-2-FAR will help you to facilitate to rotate every scanned image.   Here, one can keep the paper in 00 90 180 270 degree angles. this facility is most useful for visually impaired person to read scattered bundle of papers..

7 Two engines. there are two engines one good for picture skipping and speed and the other for lay out analysis.

8 repeated scanning. now there is facility for repeated scanning and one can stipulate what should be the delay between the scanning.

9. page number. programme will automatically give the page number and one can go to the page using find facility.

10. temporary files will be automatically removed so that system will not be burdened with unnecessary images.

11. this time we have left with key short cuts for the sake of portability. after installation, easy-ocr will appear in the other menu. one is free to assign ones own shortcuts.

12. uninstallation. one can uninstall the programme by apt-get remove easy-ocr.

For 11.04 users please download scribes from here http://packages.Ubuntu.com/maverick/all/scribes/download

Please send suggestion and problems to nalin4linux77 gmail com


1. after installation, please go to the other  menu and select settings  to adjust the scanner settings.now the programme will announce if it has detected the scanner, now one should adjust the delay between repeated scanning, resolution, angle in which you have kept the book, brightness, language.  After selection, programme will announce the settings you have selected.

2. regarding auto rotation,one can select either manual settings or automatic method. in the automatic mode one has to type one possible word in the selected page (example, the, is, to) and then press return. programme will automatically select the correct rotation.

3.now one can start scanning. there are two engines, select easy-ocr-scan1 or 2 in other  menu  to start scanning with the first engine which is good for picture skipping and speed, and   for working with the second engine which is good for layout analysis. 

4. reading key. after the first scanner movement and recognition , espeak will announce 1 and now press add button in the numpad    to start reading.

5. stop scanning button in the other menu will stop or cancel scan at any time.

6. you can go to any page by pressing ctrl+f and typing the following, page-number of the page. 

7. a nice tool to use with is an English dictionary. artha is available in the Ubuntu repository itself.

8. blank pages will be skipped by the programme.

EASY-OCR is made as user friendly as possible. you can make it more friendly through your suggestions. please contact the following emails. sath linux gmail com and nalin4linux77 gmail com

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