[orca-list] Open/Libre Office: Structural Navigation added for buttons, check_box, combo_box, entry, heading, list box and table.

Structural Navigation lets you move through a specific type of document objects just by pressing a key or two. For example, you can access next heading by pressing 'h' and previous heading by pressing 'shift+h'; you can access next table by pressing 't' and previous table by pressing 'shift+t' and so on.
Structural Navigation for HTML documents covers many object types, viz. anchor, block_quote, button, check_box, chunk, combo_box, entry, form_field, heading, landmark, list, list_item, live_region, paragraph, radio_button, separator, table, table_cell, unvisited_link and visited_link.
Structural Navigation for Open/Libre Office covers only table_cell.
I have filed an enhancement request #652105 and submitted a patch for extending Structural Navigation to button, check_box, combo_box, entry, form_field, heading, list box, paragraph, radio_button and table in Open/Libre Office.
Kindly test the patch and give your valuable feedback.

Dattatray Bhat
C-DAC Mumbai

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