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OK, if you want to join an IRC channel in Pidgin, here's what I would
do. Note that there are probably many other ways to do this.

1) Start Pidgin.
2) In the Buddy List create an account.
2.1) Go to Accounts -> Manage Accounts or press control+a to get to the
same dialog.
2.2) Tab over and select the Add ... button.
2.3) You'll end up on the protocol combo box. Press the space bar to
open this combo box and then down arrow to IRC and press enter.
2.4) Fill out the different tabs with the appropriate information for
the IRC server which has the channels you want to join. For example, to
join the #vinux channel later, I created an account for the blufudge IRC
server. I just typed "CJ" in the user name field (This will be your
nick.) and in the server field and press OK. Note that
some servers will require you to specify other information such as the
port to use and security options.
2.5) After clicking OK, make sure this new account is active. Just back
tab from the Add ... button and arrow down until you get to this account
and make sure it's ticked with the space bar.
2.6) Press the close button and go back to your Buddy List.
3) Now you can join a channel on this server.
3.1) Go to Buddies -> Join a chat ... or press control+c.
3.2) Enter the name of the channel "#vinux" for example.
3.3) Tab over to the combo list of accounts, press the space bar to
open, arrow down to the account where this channel resides and press
enter. For the #vinux channel, I'd select the account CJ irc blufudge net 
3.4) Press the join button and a window for this channel should open up
for you. You might need to alt+tab to get to this channel.

Here are a few things to note.

When an IRC channel has focus, you'll be in a window with three
different panels. You can get from panel to panel with the F6 key. One
panel is a text entry field. You can enter IRC commands here with the
slash "/" prefix. Anything else you type will send your message to the
channel. Another panel will be the list of everyone in the channel. The
third panel is the list of messages that have been posted to the channel
since you joined. You can use the arrow key to read back through these
messages. A left mouse click, with Orca+7, on a URL will bring that web
page up in your browser. If you're in multiple channels at once, you can
cycle through them with control+page-up-and-down.

There are also a ton of things you can configure in Pidgin. For example,
you can turn off date and time stamps on messages, you can suppress
messages every time someone enters or leaves a channel, you can have
emotekons show up as simple text, you can have a chime sounded every
time someone uses your nickname and so on.

If you want to add a channel to your buddy list, you can do this with
Buddies -> Add chat .... the resulting dialog is pretty straightforward,
and works as the dialogs I described above do. Here's also where you can
join a channel automatically every time you start Pidgin.

Note that I'm not touting Pidgin as the world's greatest IRC client. I'm
sure everything I described above can be done in any IRC client. I don't
mean to imply that any feature I mentioned above is unique to IRC.
Pidgin is the IRC client I use everyday at my job though, and I think I
juggle over a dozen channels now. It's the IRC client I've gotten used
to. If you have any more specific questions, please go ahead and ask.

On 24/07/11 19:16, Deedra Waters wrote:
On 07/24/2011 03:46 PM, Christopher Chaltain wrote:
I use Pidgin and IRC all of the time, but I'm not sure what you're
asking. Do you have a more specific question? Sorry, but I'm not sure
where to start and I don't want to just shoot in the dark. Are you
trying to add a channel to your buddy list, work in an IRC channel, join
a IRC channel or what?
A bit of everything really.  got into the setup etc, couldn't figure out
how to add channels and coudlifure out how to interact with the irc
network itself.

On 24/07/11 08:48, Deedra Waters wrote:
Having issues figuring out this part of pigin anyone who uses it and irc
feel like helping me figure out how the layout works etc for this?
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